1000 Free Pet Sitting Requests for NoVA and DC

Teaching pets how to "Sit"
Teaching pets how to “Sit”

The Co-Founder and Chief Pet Sitter of Dogma.me, Ms. Fevi Yu has accepted the challenge of Pet Sitting for FREE to anyone who needs a pet sitter in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC areas.  Ms. Yu has been a pet owner for over 15 years and she is an insured pet sitter with Pet Sitters Associates.  She has been pet sitting for the Dogma Community for the past 6 months while developing a prototype in BETA.  The Dogma Team has adjusted a few online services because of her personal experiences with pets and their owners.  Its been a great learning experience and now that the Team is slowly inching their way out of beta, they are currently promoting the site and Ms. Yu has taken on the challenge of pet sitting for 1,000 times for FREE for Dogma Members.  All you need to do is Register, post your pet sitting request and wait. She will accept your request within 48 hours and if she doesn’t its only because she’s already booked for those dates so hurry, book her now and then book your well-deserved vacation and you won’t have to worry about your pets. Whether you have 1 or 5, Ms. Yu  has 7 of her own pets so she knows how to care for your pets in the best possible way. You wont have to worry about them while you are away as Ms. Yu will send you a daily photo and updates.  She might even teach them new tricks!  Here is more information about her service:

Free boarding!
Free boarding!

Free Boarding — Ms. Yu lives in Fauquier County and will use the 4 empty rooms in her house to board your pets.  Photo is one of the empty rooms she will be using to board your pets for free.  More information about FREE Pet Boarding.  Please use our contact form to contact Ms. Yu directly for any questions or clarifications.

Free House Sitting — As long as you have WiFi, Ms. Yu is open to staying in your house to pet sit for your pack.  She is the owner of a web development business so she can essentially work from anywhere as long as there is WiFi.

Free House Visits — Ms. Yu can make sure your pets are doing well while you are gone by visiting them daily in your homes.  Please make sure you provide detailed information of all your pets so she understands their needs.

Since Ms. Yu is an insured Pet Sitter, you can rest assure that she’s serious about caring for your furry babies in the same way that she does hers.   Here is more information about Ms. Fevi Yu and if you want to book her, please Register for Dogma.




Facebook Registration

Dogma now has Facebook Integration
Dogma now has Facebook Integration

We are super excited to announce that Users can now register through Facebook.   Our Facebook integration is seamless but you will still need to provide a username, email and your zip code for BETA testing purposes.

Why did we need to integrate with Facebook?  The main reason was convenient for Users: since Facebook has already verified emails, we can then skip that step.  It skips quite a few steps in the registration process all the while still keeping things secure for our members.  We look forward to seeing more members signing up using Facebook.

Whats the difference between signing up using our regular email Vs. Facebook?  When you use your regular email, you will need to verify it.  We do this by sending you an email and you have to click on the link we provided.  With Facebook you can skip that verification process as they have already done it for us.

Register using Facebook today!  



Dogma.me adds Northern Virginia to its Pilot Program

Map of Northern VA
Map of Northern VA

What is Dogma?

Dogma is FREE community pet sitting.  Once you register for Dogma.me  — you can post pet sitting requests on your public wall and neighbors within a six mile radius will be able to see your request and can choose to accept it.   The currency in Dogma.me is time so you do not need to pay with money for pet sitting.  All we require is for you to pay-it-forward by pet sitting for someone else in your neighborhood.  If this is something that resonates with you, please sign up!

Free Pet Sitting

Happy & Fevi
Happy & Fevi

Our Founder and Chief Pet Sitter, Fevi Yu, will personally be accepting pet sitting requests.  Please make sure you let her know of your request by sending her an email.  You should see her email address after you sign up.  Please note that all pet sitting requests on Dogma.me are in-house pet sitting services.

Dogma is now in Northern Virginia

We have added Northern Virginia to our Pilot Program.  This includes the following Counties:

  • Arlington
  • Rappahannock
  • Fauquier
  • Stafford
  • Spotsylvania
  • Caroline
  • Prince William
  • Fairfax
  • Loudoun
  • Culpeper

All cities, principal municipalities and towns within those counties are included in our pilot program.  Essentially that means all pet owners within those areas will be able to create profiles and exchange services with other members.

For more information please check out the Membership page. To join, please Register.

Dogma updates User Interface

Updated User Interface for Dogma Members
Updated User Interface for Dogma Members

We have finally updated our User Interface and we are loving the way it gives more importance to the three things highlighted here:

  1. Point System – in the old interface, the points system was lost in all the text and it wasn’t given the attention that it deserved.  In Dogma, everything you do is tied to points that determine how you contribute to your pet sitting community.  With the new interface, as soon as the Member page starts loading you will automatically see the Member’s points. How many have they requested, how many have they given back and the total number.  We hope you love this point system interface as much as we do.
  2. Wall Clarity – we have evolved so much from when we started.  We initially had so many things you could request on the wall including boarding, playdates, etc.  Looking back, we tried to fulfill every service that the pet owner needed but didn’t have that focus for pet sitting.  Now we only do one thing: pet sitting.
  3. Helpful Ads – we want to support all the pet related businesses and are providing helpful ads at only $10 / month.  We know this will be a great place for people and products to meet and we hope that the nominal cost of our Ads will help small businesses build a solid audience.

DC Cat Sitter

Fevi and her cat, George

If you are looking for an awesome cat sitter in the DC area, you may just have found her.  My name is Fevi Yu and I am the Founder and Chief Pet Sitter of Dogma.me — a pay-it-forward pet sitting service. Sign up now if you want me to pet sit your cat.  I will personally be pet sitting for the community for the months of June and July as part of our Beta Launch in Washington, D.C. The best part is you don’t have to pay me.  All you have to do is pay-it-forward.

Cat Sitting with a Mission

I created Dogma.me because I know quite a few folks who leave for a few days and leave their cats with a mountain of dry cat food… are you smiling?  If you are one of them, I don’t blame you.  I make a solid middle-class income and Im still scratching my head when it comes to the cost of pet care.  At the same time, its so hard to find someone you can trust to come into your home and care for your pets.

With Dogma.me you pay less than $5 a month (after a free lengthy trial period) and every time you need a someone to watch your cat, you simply post a request on your wall.  Only folks who live within a 6 mile radius will see your post. Most people will accept requests if you live within the same zip code making them your neighbor. It is easier to trust someone who you know lives across the way and you can even visit their home. Please note that pet sitting via house calls has a limit of 5 days.  Here is a video that shows just how simple it is to post a request on the wall.  If you are a true animal lover, I know this will resonate with you.  Here is more information about Membership.

Your personal Cat Sitter for June and July

As part of our beta launch in DC, I am personally going to be accepting pet sitting requests on the public wall.  Below is a recommendation from the Founder of PawsforSeniors.org

Dogma Pet Sitting

I am excited to make new friends in the DC area but more than that, I am excited and hopeful that together, as a community, we can work together to help support each other as pet parents.  With this kind of community support, maybe more families will think of adopting more pets from the shelter system.  That’s our goal anyway.   If all this resonates with you, please register.   I am excited to meet you but let me be honest and say that I am more excited to meet your cats!

Mobile site

We have been in the process of creating a mobile site and not a native app and we are very close to completing the mobile site.  We only have QA left to do!  We chose to create a mobile site instead of a native app because it just makes sense for us at this point, we don’t have a lot of users to merit a native app yet but when the time comes, I’m certain we will also go there.

Main landing page of Mobile site
Main landing page of Mobile site

Here is a screen shot of what our mobile site looks like.  It functions exactly like our website.  While testing it today, it made me realize how much more cohesive the mobile site is compared to the website.  The mobile site is more straight forward and I think easier to navigate than the website.  Or maybe its because I’m biased!

Anyway, this is just an update.  For folks who are on the go and need to crowdsource their pet needs, the mobile site of Dogma is a great alternative!






Free Pet Sitting for Residents of DC and NOVA

Fevi & Happy
Free Pet Sitting

My name is Fevi Yu and I am the Founder and Chief Pet Sitter of Dogma.me — a pay-it-forward pet sitting community. I will personally be pet sitting for Residents of DC and NOVA in the next coming months.

Founder Background

I currently have 4 dogs and 2 cats of my own. I also have a foster cat and my foster dog recently got adopted! My Mom can tell you that I have been bringing home homeless cats and stray dogs since I started going to school. When I started working, my entire paycheck would go to the care of pets that I adopted from shelters. My entire life has been about pet care. My professional background has always been about technology. In fact, I currently own a Web Development and Internet Marketing Company. Dogma is the marriage of my two life-passions, pets + tech.

Below is a recommendation from the awesome Organization, Paws for Seniors.

“We know Fevi in many ways, as an adopting parent, foster parent, and best friend. In each capacity her love and care for animals, and people, her years of experience taking care of dogs and cats allows her to go above and beyond. We recommend her as a pet sitter because she can be trusted to care for your pets at the highest standards.” — Brenda Scamordella, Co-Founder, Paws for Seniors www.pawsforseniors.org

How to request for Free Pet Sitting

Simply register at www.dogma.me, create your personal profile, create your pet profile and then post a request on the public wall. Here is a video showing how Dogma works. After posting, you simply wait until I accept your request.  If more than 24 hours has passed, please send me an email.  My email address is visible in the email you will receive after you sign up.   Please make sure you read the limitations below.

Pet Sitting for New Users

To celebrate the launch of Dogma.me, I am going to pet sit for the community. For Users who are not familiar with Dogma; it’s pay-it-forward pet care. Essentially, “I will pet sit for you if you pet sit for me.” You don’t have to pay me for pet sitting, you simply have to pay it forward. Please note that pet sitting is via house visits. The goal of Dogma is to enable the community around you to help and support your furry family so that you will consider adopting and fostering more pets from the shelters and finally ending the over 2.5 Million senseless deaths of adoptable pets yearly.

The only way the community can support you is through house visits as it is built around a busy, working lifestyle. A user is required to do house visits at least twice per day. Each visit requires the following: 1) Feed the pets 2) Fill up water bowls 3) Make sure the pets go potty! Here is a more comprehensive pet sitting guide.

Limitations of Free Pet Sitting

In as much as we wish we could do everything for your pets, and we will provide full service memberships in the near future, right now the only thing that community members can do is house visits for up to 5 days. We have limited the software to only request for pet sitting for this time frame and we will abide by these rules. Because we are a new business model, this is all we can accommodate at this time, but services will expand in the future. For now, if you need anymore than 5 days, we recommend that you hire a pet sitter for the remaining time frame. By using Dogma you will still be saving money by shaving off 5 days from the hired rates. If your dogs need additional walking, please hire a dog-walker. If your pets are taking medication, please hire a professional pet sitter.

Join our growing Pet Sitting Community

I created Dogma because I had issues finding pet care. I had interviewed 4 pet sitters and then when I was telling my neighbor my problem he offered to care for my pets and that was the birth of the Dogma idea. I figured, if I made a middle-class income and can barely afford pet care, how is everyone else doing it? And at that time I only had 1 dog and 1 cat! More importantly, it’s not only about the costs of pet care, but finding someone you trust with your loved ones. Dogma is for everyone who loves animals and want to give them more; a community that will love and care for them when you are out making a living. If that resonates with you, please join us. Let me paraphrase Best Friends Animal Society’s slogan here and say, “Together, we can help to save them all”.

Register Here

Community Pet Sitting, Registration will be closed

happy's message to Dogma's members
Happy, the dog, has a message!

We are removing boarding and playdates as options on the services provided and strictly only providing pet sitting services called “House calls” — here are a few reasons why:

  1. We want to make sure our Members are certain in their ability to deliver pet care services.  So we want to see how well our Pet Guardian community does with pet sitting before we add on any other services.
  2. A house call service is convenient to everyone involved including the pets.  All it entails is a neighbor visiting your house when you are away on vacation or on an emergency and making sure your pets are fine and have adequate food and water supplies.  A house call is done twice a day unless otherwise requested.
  3. Pet sitting will save you a lot of money without the headaches of worrying about your pet since they are in their familiar environment.

Because of the changes about our website will have quite a few errors in the next couple of days!  Good thing we are in BETA. We are also not going to accept new registrations in the coming week (May 18 to 21) to ensure that we have done our QA (quality assurance).  Thank you for understanding!  We know you will love the simplicity of our Pet Sitting service when we launch at the end of the week!

A Community of Pet Guardians


We changed our logo’s call to action today.  It use to be Boarding, Playdates, Errands.  We figured that was a way of attracting more members who needed those services.  In retrospect, we aren’t trying to build the largest online community of pet lovers, what we are trying to do is build the largest online community of *responsible* pet lovers making us pet guardians.

Free Pet Food Delivery for Members

free pet food
Screen Shot of Pet Food Delivery on Dogma.me

We are so excited to announce the Free Pet Food Delivery for Members of Dogma.me — the system is a work around and is not directly tied into the general database as of yet. We are still in BETA and would like to test this function before we integrate it properly. We are hoping that our Members see the value of becoming a Member of the largest Pet Guardian Community in the United States.

We are actively looking for suppliers at this point to fulfill the orders. Our Members can rest assure that they will get their pet food around 5 to 10% lesser than what they would normally buy it for from Pet Food Stores. The reason is because we don’t have a physical location (No rent, No labor to pay for). Also because of internal arrangements from direct suppliers, we can negotiate better deals because unlike the end user, we will not just be buying one product. We will be buying it in bulk therefore lowering the cost per unit. It is important to note that our focus is on Membership value. For less than $5/month you can get a verified pet sitter and free pet food delivery. Are you ready to get started? Register (its free!)

Strict Verification Process

Verification Page
Verification Page Screenshot


In keeping with the safety and trust of our members, we have just completed our verification process which includes a police clearance, house visits, veterinarian reference and 2 recommendation letters. Once a user has passed all requirements they will become a verified member of Dogma and will have the paw symbol on their profiles. Its a rigorous process as it involves getting a police clearance a few house visits from other members. All members will have the ability to get verified and its free with membership.

If you haven’t heard of Dogma yet, here is a brief summary:  Dogma is pay-it-forward pet sitting so instead of paying someone in cash, you are paying them in kind.  Its away of making the community you live in safer and stronger in ensuring the quality of pets lives.  The community support also helps in increasing the number of adoptions from shelters, which is one of our main goals.

Public Wall Functionality

We started with the most simple concept:  Board my dog and I will board your dog for free.  We took it a little further and included playdates and errands. We are now realizing that the easier the concept the harder it is to replicate, technology-wise.  There are so many nuances of the human language and of human real-time communication its almost impossible to create functionality that mimics it.  But we are trying… we are loving the challenge, nevertheless.

Screen shot of mobile site

One of the functions that we created is the ability to post on a public wall that is visible to all users in a given location.  I love this function best of all because it allows users who don’t previously know each other an open line of communication.  We just tested the mobile function today and although there was an irritating bug that we still need to resolve, it looked great otherwise.

I love that this project is coming into fruition right before our very eyes.  We are also learning to understand how users act and interact with each other and even more importantly, how we can use this application in our daily lives.  Stay tuned!

Pet Sitting Rates Washington, D.C.

Table 1 shows the cost of pet sitting one pet in Washington, D.C. for 2 days in mid-July, 2015. The same parameters were used in the search fields of each given website and the most affordable rates were chosen. Some individual pet sitting rates were as high as $99/day so for two days that would be a total of $198. There is no clear distinction as to why there are low rates, from $10/night, to high daily rates such as $99/night. Each pet sitter has great reviews so there isn’t any other way of comparing pet-sitter quality. It is important to note that the focus is on pet sitting and not boarding services. The results below are when you submit the form with your DC zip code and use mid-July dates. The biggest contrast when looking for cat sitting vs. dog sitting rates is this: It’s not easy to find cat sitting rates. You can’t do it from the homepage search box. You have to look at individual profiles to find rates and it is a bit more tedious when you are asked to choose using dog sitting information. This is what makes Dogma very different because in searching for services, we treat cats and dogs equally.


Pet Sitting Rates for 2 days for 1 pet

Service DogVacay Rover Dogma Care
Cat Sitting (1 cat, 2 days) N/A* $40** $0 $40***
Dog Sitting (1 Dog, 2 days) $50 $20 $0 $40***

Table 1

* No searchable, visible cat sitters
** Total of 4 pet visits at $10 per visit
*** Rates are hourly so this was a total of 4 visits at $10 / visit


Pet Sitting Rates for 2 days and 2 pets

Table 2 shows pet sitting rates for 2 days for 2 pets. We also included a third row, which lists 2 pets, 1 being a cat and 1 being a dog because so many households have 1 dog and 1 cat. We could not find rates for that category accordingly. You would need to contact each individual sitter to obtain their rates. In comparison, with Dogma, you can choose “all” pets or individual pets for whatever service needed. Regardless of service or number of pets involved, whether its “all” or just one, you still only pay $5 per month.

Service DogVacay Rover Dogma Care
Cat Sitting (2 cat, 2 days) N/A* $40** $0 $40***
Dog Sitting (2 dog, 2 days) $80 $80 $0 $40***
Pet Sitting (1 cat, 1 dog, 2 days) N/A* N/A* $0 N/A*

Table 2

* No searchable, visible cat and dog sitter that you can book simultaneously
** Rate based per visit, unknown if they charge extra for additional pets
*** Care only provides hourly rates so this is 4 visits at 1 hour each visit, unknown if they charge extra per pet or if 1 hour is sufficient per visit

It is important to note that we made a few assumptions on the comparison table. For example, Care.com’s rates for Pet sitting is that the Pet Sitter would only charge $10 / visit.  However, we are not certain about this and they could charge more or even less than the published fee, it’s not clear.  It is also important to point out that software has limitations.  Therefore, it’s smart for companies like Dogvacay and Rover to generalize that most people looking for pet care are dog owners; perhaps because there is a larger market for it.  Whatever the case, the point of this comparison rate is, if a User searched for Pet Sitting rates for cats or dogs or multiple pets then this would be a fair representation of what is available in the Washington, DC market.  Dogma, being a newcomer, is a service that is needed because there are over 95 Million Cats in over 45 Million American homes.  Cat owners deserve some love too!  This is not to say that we are exclusively a cat sitting community, but, simply, that we believe in pet equality.

If you’ve liked what you read, please register for Dogma. It’s free to join and free to use for life.

This research was done on April 6, 2015.  If you read this article and find that cat sitting rates are easily available on the homepage search and result fields of the other comparison websites… you are welcome!

House Call Services

House call services are perfect for Cats and Multiple Pet Households

If you own a cat, you will be able to relate to this. One of the things I use to dread when we went on vacation was leaving our cats in boarding. It would stress me out just by thinking of putting them in boarding because I knew just how miserable, anxious and stressed they were.

I think we’ve found a solution to that. House Call services are perfect for cats because they don’t need to leave their house. A member of Dogma, who lives in the same neighborhood, can simply drop in, make sure the cats are alright, feed them, play with them and then leave with the service request having been done.

House call services are also fantastic for multiple pet households because it will save Pet owners money from the cost of boarding multiple pets.

Just like regular services, please make sure you meet up with your friendly neighborhood pet sitter beforehand so you can exchange information and get to know the pets. What makes Dogma different is that its truly about the community and neighbors that are willing to help each other out.

An Important Objective

logo_60th-humane-societyHumane Society of the United States estimate that every year 6 to 8 million animals are returned to the shelters. 2.7 Million Adoptable cats and dogs are euthanized. Those are real stats and we hope to have a big impact by reducing those numbers to zero.

So many stories of so many animals who need homes move us so its important for us to note that the main objective of Dogma are:

To lessen the return of dogs/cats/other pets to shelters because of the lack of resources to care for them

To increase the adoption from Shelters because of the increase of assistance from community members

To create the most powerful online and offline pet community that truly cares for pets and each other

We need your help if we are going to reduce these numbers. Please adopt a pet today!

Proximity Distance Function

Proximity distance
Proximity distance

We are very exited to announce that we have added a proximity distance function on the public wall.  The system will take the center of the zip code as the distance peg for the entire zip code. In other words, if your zip code is the same as another member, you will see the distance as 0 miles.  This tells you that you live in the same neighborhood without actually revealing where the other person is exactly located.

Public Requests

Please note that you will be able to see requests within a 5.9 mile radius based on the zip code you have provided.  It is up to you to decide how far you are willing to travel by accepting whichever requests suits your abilities.  There is no requirement on distance, just do what works for you! Dogma is about keeping pet care fun. We are here to make life easier for you.

Washington, D.C. Practical Pet Care Services

pet care services washington, d.c.
Washington, D.C.

If you are a resident of Washington, D.C. and are looking for a modern practical pet care solution, you have just found it! Quid Pro Quo + Sharing Economy = Dogma.

Dogma kicks off its Beta Testing round in the Nation’s capital.  If you have pets, a full time job, a family and kids… well, we know how you feel.  We created this service to help Pet Parents meet other responsible Pet Parents and support each other in making ends meet.

If you want to know more about it, here are some pages, blogs & articles that we hope proves useful…

1) How it Works (with video)

2) Check out the blog

3) An Important Objective

4) Even before Dogma 

And if you have any questions / reactions, please reach out to us on Facebook.com/Dogma or twitter @Dogma  — you can also use the Contact page and send us a message.

Social Media for Dogma

So we have set up two Social Media Accounts for Dogma.  We hope to set up more in the following days to come.  In the mean time, here is the difference between Facebook and Twitter; follow or like, whatever rocks your boat!

Facebook-Logo-300x168Facebook is the mother of Social Media, so it is only right that Dogma is also on Facebook (just realized our initials are also FB!). We have been hearing that less and less users are joining, which is a shame in my opinion.  Facebook is great for keeping in touch with everyone.  On our FB page we are going to be posting photos, message, and reposting issues that matter to pets / animals in general.  We will also be updating it with the latest and greatest that is happening within our website.  Please like if  you are a FB person.


twitter-logoTwitter is a fantastic micro blogging site and if there were no other Social Media sites out there, we would be happy with just twitter alone, alas… Please follow us if you like micro blogging as we are going to be updating our twitterfeed with lots of updates from our members.  We would also like to use our twitter account as our customer service account, but please note, that is not set in stone.  Thanks for following us on Twitter!