DC Cat Sitter


Fevi and her cat, George

If you are looking for an awesome cat sitter in the DC area, you may just have found her.  My name is Fevi Yu and I am the Founder and Chief Pet Sitter of Dogma.me — a pay-it-forward pet sitting service. Sign up now if you want me to pet sit your cat.  I will personally be pet sitting for the community for the months of June and July as part of our Beta Launch in Washington, D.C. The best part is you don’t have to pay me.  All you have to do is pay-it-forward.

Cat Sitting with a Mission

I created Dogma.me because I know quite a few folks who leave for a few days and leave their cats with a mountain of dry cat food… are you smiling?  If you are one of them, I don’t blame you.  I make a solid middle-class income and Im still scratching my head when it comes to the cost of pet care.  At the same time, its so hard to find someone you can trust to come into your home and care for your pets.

With Dogma.me you pay less than $5 a month (after a free lengthy trial period) and every time you need a someone to watch your cat, you simply post a request on your wall.  Only folks who live within a 6 mile radius will see your post. Most people will accept requests if you live within the same zip code making them your neighbor. It is easier to trust someone who you know lives across the way and you can even visit their home. Please note that pet sitting via house calls has a limit of 5 days.  Here is a video that shows just how simple it is to post a request on the wall.  If you are a true animal lover, I know this will resonate with you.  Here is more information about Membership.

Your personal Cat Sitter for June and July

As part of our beta launch in DC, I am personally going to be accepting pet sitting requests on the public wall.  Below is a recommendation from the Founder of PawsforSeniors.org

Dogma Pet Sitting

I am excited to make new friends in the DC area but more than that, I am excited and hopeful that together, as a community, we can work together to help support each other as pet parents.  With this kind of community support, maybe more families will think of adopting more pets from the shelter system.  That’s our goal anyway.   If all this resonates with you, please register.   I am excited to meet you but let me be honest and say that I am more excited to meet your cats!