Community Pet Sitting

Join the first ever Free Pet Sitting Community and meet Neighbors who live nearby and are happy to pet sit for free. There is no membership fee, all we ask is that you pay-it-forward and pet sit for someone else in your neighborhood.

Free Neighbohood Pet Sitting, Pay it Forward

Free Pet Sitting

Greater than one out of every two Homes in the US has a pet (65% of American Homes). Essentially this means that more than half of all Home Owners have pets! How awesome would it be if every Home Owner who had a pet participated in Pay-it-Forward, free pet sitting? The fact that they are your neighbors who live walking distance from your home makes it easy for them to pet sit your pet. It’s also easier to trust someone when you know where they live and when you meet their family, the furry and the non-furry kind. It makes our pet’s lives more meaningful too because they will never be left alone for too long. How awesome would our community and neighborhoods be with that kind of love?

Practical Pet Care Solutions

Our mission in Dogma is two-fold; we want to help alleviate pet care costs by connecting like-minded individuals who believe in pay-it-forward pet sitting. We also want to make pet ownership easier by providing practical pet care solutions that will help minimize costs, but increase the quality of life for pets and their humans. We will be providing a lot of pet care information that will help empower pet owners and make their decisions easier by writing about products we love as well as testing new products that help and assist with practical pet care.

With this focus, our overall objective in Dogma is to create Communities around the US who care for each other, each other’s pets and are well-informed about pet health and their pet’s quality of life. If this is something that interests you, please register.

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