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Join the first ever Free Pet Sitting Community and meet Neighbors who live nearby and are happy to pet sit for free. There is no membership fee, all we ask is that you pay-it-forward and pet sit for someone else in your neighborhood.


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One out of two American households have a pet (statistically 65% of American homes). How awesome would it be if every home owner and pet parent participated in a free neighborhood pet sitting group? The fact that you’re neighbors who living walking distance from each other, makes it convenient and will obviously, save everyone, a lot of money.

It’s also easier to trust a neighbor, particularly when you know where they live and the condition of their pets. It makes our pet’s lives more meaningful too because they will never be left alone for too long. How awesome would our community and neighborhoods be with that kind of love and mutual respect respect for each other?

Free Pet Sitting FAQs

Sign up and post your request, all parties must meet up and preferably know each other before the pet sitting request is scheduled. You do not want to leave your pet with a stranger and someone you have never met/seen in your neighborhood.

When you accept a request, you need to meet with the pet before the start of the request date. Once you meet and its all good vibes, on the day itself you have to be responsible for the following:

1) Feed the pet
2) Ensure they have water
3) Clean the cat litter box
4) Take the dog out to do their business

This needs to be done twice in one day, morning and evening. Thats all you are responsible for.

We are still growing, we may not have members in your area yet. Talk to your neighbors and ask them to sign up as well. In that way, next time you post a request, they will see it.

One of our revenue streams is to eventually partner with a pet sitting company or create our own paid pet sitting portal. Right now, its not possible

Unfortunately, we don’t have that information. Unless you sign up and create the request, you won’t be able to see who the Users in your area are.

The software is enabled everywhere in the US and its based on Zip codes. So you can request for free pet sitting anywhere in the US.


Our Mission in Dogma is to create Communities around the US who care for each other, and are willing to be involved in pay-it-forward pet sitting. If this is something that interests you, please register.

Responsible Pet Ownership is not responsible for your pets or your home. What we have created is an online portal so that you can find like-minded individuals who live in your neighborhood and also believes in pay-it-forward pet sitting. Please make sure you check all the boxes before you allow anyone in your home, we are not responsible for any untoward incident that happens. We hope this is clear. You are responsible for keeping your pets and your home, safe.


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