How do i get free pet sitting?
First, Register, create your pet profile and then request on the public wall.
When I post a request on the wall and someone accepts it, what happens next?
Just like hiring a pet sitter, it is ideal that you meet up before the date of request. Since you belong in the same neighborhood, it wont be difficult to set up the location. When you meet up with a prospective pet sitter / friend-for-life, discuss everything they need to know about your pet. At the end of the meeting, if you like each other, make sure you know where the other person lives.
What do I do if I want my dog walked in the middle of the day?
Dogma was created with the quality of life of the Member as well as the Pet. If you want your dog walked in the middle of the day, we suggest hiring a professional dog walker.
How do I request for free pet sitting?
First you need to register and then create your profile and then create your pet profile. Once you have done all three you can post the request on your wall.
How many days can i request for free pet sitting?
You can request up to 5 days straight but if you have been accumulating your points pet sitting for someone else, then you should be able to request for more.
Points? Who said anything about points?
So all your actions within the website have a corresponding point associated with it. When you request for pet sitting, points are deducted from your profile. When you accept requests from other members of the community, points are added. The more points you have simply means that you are an active member of the community.
Can I buy points from the System?
No. Points are rewarded based on your actions within the community.
Can I buy points from another Member?
Hmm. Good question. Not yet.
Can I just cancel if its not working for me?
Yes you are free to cancel anytime.
Can I tip my pet sitter?

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