Points Guidelines

Each request is equivalent to one point.  One point is also equivalent to one pet per day.  For example if you have two pets thats two points for one day and four points for tow days and so on and so forth.  The person requesting for pet sitting gets deducted the two points and the person accepting the pet sitting gets added the two points.  After the date has passed, our system will ask you if the service was completed, please click yes if it has and no if it hasn’t.  What that does is permanently retain your points in case other members delete their profile or move to another state.

Aim for Zero

Ideally, proactive members are going to have points closer to zero.  Either that or they don’t use the service at all, make sure you check their recommendations!  That should tell you who uses the service the most and who doesn’t.   The ideal points should be closer to zero because if you request for a house call, for example, for 3 days then your points will be -3.  After that you should be looking to give back to your community by accepting house calls from them for a total of 3 days as well.  When you accept a request from another member for 3 days house visits, then automatically your points will go back to zero because -3 +3 = 0.


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