Pet Sitting via House Visits

We recommend pet sitting services on to be House Visits.  Your very first pet sitting request should be a house visit so they can get to know your pet and you can get to know your neighbor.

The concept is simple and convenient for everyone, including our pets. The idea is for you to find someone who lives within your neighborhood or within walking distance from your house so that they can simply drop by once in the morning and once in the evening to check up on your pets. The basic check up includes the following:

  1. Feed the pets
  2. Make sure they have water
  3. Clean cat litter or Let the dog out to do their business. Obviously if there is no backyard for the dog, you have leash the dog, ensure that the leash is secure and walk them until they do their business.

This needs to be done twice a day unless both Members agree on different terms, ex. Members agree to do a house visit only once for that one day since the other member is leaving later in the day and can take care of the morning duties. We encourage you to please speak to one another before hand and make sure everything is clear. All important information should be written on the Refrigerator door. ie. Vet Info, Emergency Contact Info, Police Station, etc. (Include all important numbers)

Once Members have gotten to know each other and if your pets get along well then you can request for boarding / playdates.

Meet Up before the scheduled House Visit

All members are required to meet up before the schedule house visit. Just like hiring a pet sitter, it is important to get to know one another and determine if this is a relationship that will work. Since you both live in the same neighborhood, it’s ideal to meet up in a neutral place like the nearest restaurant, cafe or even sidewalk. Once you have agreed to both go through with the House visit, please make arrangements regarding House keys. We also strongly suggest doing house visits of each other’s home so you can meet each others pets and families.

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