Free Neighborhood Cat Sitting

Welcome to Dogma, a community that provides free cat sitting for Neighborhoods. Find other cat owners who live within a 6 mile radius from you and request for pet sitting services when going away on vacation,  weekend getaways or sudden emergencies.

Advantage of Dogma Free Cat Sitting

  • Cat Sitters live within your neighborhood so essentially your cat sitter is your neighbor
  • Dogma’s Cat Sitting service is home visits so it is not stressful for your cat
  • Your Neighbor / Cat Sitter can also watch your house while they are doing home visits
  • The best part is that you don’t have to pay your neighbor / cat sitter — you simply have to pay it forward

How does free cat sitting work?

  • Register and complete your profile
  • Create pet profiles for your cats and pls make it as detailed as possible
  • Post your pet sitting request on the public wall
  • Wait for another Member to accept your request
  • Meet up with the other person, introduce yourselves and your pets.
  • Make sure you know where the other person lives so that you are building trust with each other.
  • If you like each other, go ahead with the request. If not, simply cancel the request.
  • After the pet sitting service has been done, write testimonials for each other
  • Please also accept pet sitting requests from other Members

And thats how easy it is to become part of the largest free pet sitting community in the US.

Paid Cat Sitting also an option

Dogma also provides paid pet sitting if the free pet sitters are not available in your neighborhood. You can now register as a paid pet sitter. We only take a 5% fee from your service fees so we hope that you pass on the savings to your neighborhood.  Our paid services is currently in BETA but please feel free to test it out, you can already start getting paid.

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