Pet Sitting Guidelines

Welcome to the first-ever, pay-it-forward Pet Sitting Community for Pet Owners. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

Pet Sitting / House Visit Guidelines

Once a member has accepted a pet sitting request, they are required to visit the pets at least twice per day, once in the morning and once at night or early evening.   If you cannot visit the pet(s) at least twice per day, please do not accept the request!   A morning visit and an evening visit is required.  Dog parents should hire professional dog walkers who can come during the day to walk their dogs.   Also part of being neighborly is taking photos of the pets and sending it to the pet parents.  Please make sure the pets are healthy and thriving.  Pet parents need to leave emergency contact information on the fridge door.  Any and all information that the pet sitter should know should already have been discussed during the initial meeting, any reminders should be written on a note found on the refrigerator door.  For actual house visits, Pet Sitters are required to do the following:

  1. Feed pets:  In your initial meetings please discuss pet food; where it’s located, how many cups, etc.  If there is more than one dog, pls make sure you know how they get fed.
  2. Fill up and clean water bowl: Please ensure that the pet(s) have ample fresh water on every visit and if needed, please clean the bowl.
  3. And last but possibly the most important, please make ensure the dog is able to go outside for potty.  If the dog does not have a backyard, please make sure you put a leash on and walk them until they go.  If the dog has a pee pad, please make sure you ask the Pet Owner how they deal with this.  If its a cat, please clean the cat litter box.
  4. Your visit should be a minimum of 30 minutes depending on the number of pets and their behaviors.

Please note: We strongly recommend hiring professional pet sitters for pets who need medical attention and have medical conditions.

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