Maryland Pet Sitting

Baltimore Row Houses, Lots of Pet Sitters here!
Baltimore Row Houses, Lots of Pet Sitters here!

Hello Baltimore, Maryland! Welcome to — the first pay-it-forward, free pet sitting community! We currently have almost 200 Members from Maryland spread out across the State from the Metro DC area such as Silver Spring, MD all the way up north in Essex, MD.  We are glad to have you and thank you for being part of this unique community.

How to request for Free Pet Sitting

When you are ready to request for pet sitting services, simply go to your public wall and post your request.  The fields will ask for your pet information and your dates inclusive.  Please make sure you complete those dates to let other members know.  Everyone within a 6 mile radius will see your request and can choose to accept it.  When someone accepts your request please meet up with them so they can meet your pets and you can gauge their chemistry.  You are free to cancel the request. is free neighborhood pet sitting and is a free service and will always be a free service.   Register here to sign up for the free pet sitting.  Here is the link if you would like to be a paid pet sitter.  We excited to have you!



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