Cat Food

Cat food and its implications

Cat food and its implications

We are a foster home for senior pets and last year we started fostering a 14 year old cat who was on prozac!  This was the first time we had ever encountered a cat on prozac.  Because we feed our own cats with raw cat food, we started her on that diet and within 3 months we weaned her off prozac.  This is just one example of the amazing healing properties of natural cat food.

The type of cat food you use is so important to the overall health of your cats.  In the years that we have had cats and have been a foster home, we have learnt so much about the important of feeding a diet that is able to heal vs. a diet that does nothing for them.

Here are issues when feeding cats an all dry food diet:

  • Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) — male cats on an all dry food, kibble diet have the highest chance of getting Urinary Tract Disease because male cats have longer and narrower urethras.  The urethra is where the urine flows from the cats bladder to outside his body.  This passage way is blocked by minerals and crystals from the kidney that pass through the bladder into the urethra.  So the urethra gets blocked and the cat is still producing urine.  This is a painful disease and can prove fatal if you cat does not get the proper treatment.    More information here:  Why dry food is wrong for cats
  • Diabetes and Obesity — dry food is the number cause of diabetes and obesity in cats.  High carbohydrates content and a high levels of sugar all contribute to this so its important when reading your cat food labels.  More info here: The trust about dry cat food
  • Hyperthyroidism —  aside from dry food this is also caused by low quality cat food.  Low quality is cat food derived by meals instead of actual protein and thats why its so important to understand cat food labels.

Its important to note that cats are obligate carnivores so they need to be fed with real protein from meat and not plant-based proteins, which cheap cat food is made from.  More interesting information about the top myths of pet food.