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Free Pet Sitting comes to Denver, Colorado

Hello Denver, Colorado! Welcome to free neighborhood pet sitting!  We want to thank the person who posted our Ad on one of your Facebook Communities because we now have a total of 23 Free Pet Sitters who believe in paying-it-forward and because we didn’t expect it, we are beyond thrilled!  Sign up here for Free Pet Sitting.

Moving forward, we are going to make Denver, CO one of our pilot cities and with your help, we know we can do it.  Dogma is for pet owners who believe in paying-it-forward.  For Members who don’t have the time to pet sit for their neighbors, don’t worry!  We have professional, paid pet sitters you can hire and the best thing is we only charge a 5% service fee vs.  15 – 20% of other pet sitting startups.  This essentially means  more money for the pet sitter / more savings for you!  We also have our pet sitters Ads on the right module of this page so you can hire them directly from here.

Free Pet Sitting for Neighborhoods in Denver, CO

How does work? First, register and then create your profile. When you need a pet sitter,  post your request on the public wall.  Everyone within a 6 mile radius will see your post and can choose to accept it.  When another member has accepted your request, like a regular pet sitter, make sure you meet up with them to talk about expectations.  It works best when you are walking distance from each other and can do house visits.  Its hard to trust anyone but if you know where they live and you’ve met their family, it will put you at ease.

Once the pet sitting request has been accepted, please make sure you are available and please do not keep changing your mind and your schedule. Remember, everyone in this community is doing it out of love for animals and wanting to help out the community.  Granted, yes its free pet sitting but when you really think about it, is probably the most expensive pet sitting you have ever experienced because your time is payment for services.  How much do you make an hour?  An overnight stay is at least 8 hours so multiply how much you are making by eight hours and we’re pretty sure thats not cheap.  Please respect other Members and their time.

The more Members there are in a location, the easier it is to provide pay-it-forward pet sitting for everyone in the community.  Every pet sitting request is equivalent to points.  One pet per night is one point, two pets per night is two points and so on and so forth.   Please let these pet sitting points guide you.   The closer a member is to zero means they are paying-it-forward.  Please also make a habit of providing a testimonial for other Users.

Register now for Free Pet Sitting

If you want to be part of this amazing, unique community, please register now.    If you want to be a paid pet sitter, please register here.  Remember, free pet sitting is a gateway to paid pet sitting.  If you are looking for a pet sitter, please check out the public wall and post your request.  You could meet your new best friend or your pet could 😉  Denver, CO we are so excited to have you are one of our pilot cities for free neighborhood pet sitting!

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