Free Pet Sitting equates to more Paying Clients

Find Paid Pet Sitters too
Find Paid Pet Sitters too

Free Pet Sitting is the fastest way to get new clients

People love the concept of paying-it-forward, I think in some of us, it’s a natural desire.  If you pet sit for Members of your Community for free and they like your service, the chances of them coming back to you when they need your services again are 100% and next time around, they will want to pay you.  This was my experience in and that’s how we discovered our revenue stream.

If you are a professional / paid pet sitter and want more clients, we encourage to join, Free Neighborhood Pet Sitting.  You will meet your neighbors and the rest of your community.  You will fall in love with some of them and at the end of the day we promise, you will get more clients, meet more people in your community, and make friends with your neighbors.  The good news is that only charges 5% service fees compared to 15-20% service fees of our competitors.

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Meet Other Pet Sitters in your Area

In the old way of doing business, other pet sitters were your competitors but in todays economy, we strongly believe that yes there is competition but more than that, there is camaraderie.  As a pet sitter you also have your own pets and you will at one point or another need pet sitting services as well.  In Dogma, because we believe in paying-it-forward, you can find other pet sitters to exchange pet sitting services with.  Its a great community!  We can’t wait to have you 🙂

Background of Dogma’s Revenue Stream

Dogma is so different today than when we started building it a year ago.  Our revenue stream, when we first started this, was subscription based.  Members were required to pay a monthly subscription to be part of the pay-it-forward community.  In hindsight, it seemed logical at the time and I’ve seen quite a few similar Startups with the same Rev stream.  When we launched the website, it was surprising, to say the least, that no-one was subscribing.  Then you realize pet sitting is not a daily need,  nor is it a monthly need.  It is a need that arises perhaps twice a year for most people, if that.  Five or  six times even at the most but never monthly.   So why would anyone, in their right mind, pay a monthly subscription for a service that they only need twice a year?   We realized this after a BETA run and quickly pivoted.

Pivoting when Plan A Bombs

As soon as it hit us that subscription wasn’t going to cut it, we removed that block function for users.  We had a block function so that Users couldn’t request for pet sitting or accept for pet sitting more than once without payment.  We removed it but then we didn’t really know what to replace it with so we just left it for a while and still kept pet sitting for other Members.  I think we just wanted to go with the flow and figure things out as we moved along.

After about a month the same people who requested for free pet sitting were contacting me again and asking me to pet sit but wanted to pay for my services.  I was humbled and happy and then it hit me:  Free pet sitting is a gateway to paid pet sitting.


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