People food and dog food are all food

Dog food is people food is food


Stopped by Giant in Ashburn, VA because they were having sale on chicken.  Ok, I  lie, I went in there to buy some “Skinny POP” but then saw that the chicken was on sale.  Two large broilers for less than $15!  What a steal.

We have 3 dogs and we feed them raw but on occasions, we try to vary their food so that they don’t get bored.  The photo above was breakfast this morning and below you will find the recipe.

Recipe for Chicken Soup with carrots and alfalfa meal for dogs

Chicken — 2 Whole chicken, cage free, no antibiotics.  Cost less than $15 for both in Giant, Ashburn, VA (Junction Plaza location)

Boil both chicken in a large pot that fits both of them with enough space around for water.  Once it starts boiling, put on very low heat for up to 4 hours.  This allows all the nutrients to seep into the soup.  Please do not put any seasoning.

I usually wait until the next day to feed the chicken because it gives it time to cool down.  1 cup of the chicken meat + 1 cup of the soup then I added the following:

  • chopped carrots (its actually better if you can run this through a food processor because dogs have very short digestive tracts and have a hard time digesting veggies.  But my dogs have been eating carrots, even whole carrots as snacks forever so they are use to it and when I look at their poop (sign of a true Jedi Master), the carrot parts are mostly digested but will sometimes have bite size pieces.
  • Sprouted Alfalfa sprouts  (lots of protein and is consider a super green food)
  • Since this meal does not contain all the minerals and nutrients our dogs need, I will also add

Adding the additional vitamins and nutrients isn’t essential (as long as you are feeding them complete diets in other meals) but varying your pets diet from dry food and adding “human” food is essential… if you want them to live a long and happy life.  Its also important to note this fact:  “human” food and “dog” food was all a marketing ploy to get you to buy dry kibble.  All food is food and the fresher it is, the better for all living species.   Let me end this by inserting this study:

In 2005 a study was performed by Purdue University (not the chicken company) on Scottish Terriers.  By adding fresh vegetables to their dry commercial diets slowed down and prevented transitional cell carcinoma (also known as bladder cancer).   They found that dogs that ate green leafy vegetables had a reduced risk of cancer by 90% and dogs who consumed yellow and orange vegetables reduced the risk by 70%.

We hope this was helpful to you and your pets, for any questions / clarifications, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We are always here for our community.




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