Dogma’s Revenue Streams

Dogma's Revenue Streams

Dogma’s Revenue Streams

Everytime we went on pet shows we had this huge banner, “Free Pet Sitting” and quite a number of folks would come over to say hello and ask us how it works.  Before they leave, the more curious ones will ask, “so how do you guys make money?”

Revenue Streams

Commission from Pet Sitting Services

Yes, is a free pet sitting service.  Users can exchange pet sitting services with other Users who live within their neighborhood.  Its really that simple but if you can’t find someone in your neighborhood, we also have professional pet sitters you can hire.  Photo below is a screenshot of the User Interface of Dogma.  The red circle represents the area for professional pet sitters.  Dogma is also a great place for new pet sitters who are just starting out and don’t have a lot of clients yet.  When I started pet sitting for other folks for free, they would often come back to me and ask me to pet sit for them again but they would always insist on paying.

Free Pet Sitting or Professional Pet Sitting, the choice is yours!

Free Pet Sitting or Professional Pet Sitting, the choice is yours!


We didn’t really think about this revenue stream, it presented itself to us.  We received a phone call from a User in Dogma and she asked us how much to advertise and right there and then we created that revenue stream.  Since all our members are pet owners we will only be accepting advertising from pet-related companies.  We will also only accept advertising of products and services we wholeheartedly believe in and would use.

Affiliate Program with

More recently we started to write content on our website about practical pet care.   We started doing it because Dogma is a Community that is about Practical Pet Care and we want to approach that in a wholistic way.  Yes we introduce like-minded members who want to pet sit for each other but we wanted to take it a step further in providing practical pet care solutions to everyone who cares about their pets well-being:  what they eat, their overall health, etc.  With this in mind, we signed up for Amazon’s Affliate program and you can start buying products that we use and recommend.

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