Benefits of Wild Salmon Oil for Dogs

Wild Fish Oil has many benefits for your pets

Wild Salmon Oil has many benefits for your pets

We started using Wild Salmon Oil for ours dogs when one of them came back positive for cancer about 3 years ago.  He has had surgery since and aside from feeding him a more natural diet, we also supplement with Wild Salmon Oil.  His cancer hasn’t come back yet even though the vet had informed me it would come back within 6 months.  I didn’t know about the benefits of Salmon Oil before my dog got sick and if I had just started supplementing him at an earlier age, perhaps he wouldn’t have had cancer in the first place.  It cost $4,000 for his surgery and treatment.  Thats money we could’ve saved had we just been informed.

Here are just a few amazing benefits of wild Salmon oil for dogs / pets.  (Side note: Bear in mind that if you use farmed salmon oil or fish oil that is low quality, you will be doing more harm than good)

  1. Wild salmon oil can prevent cancer —  Most commercial dog food contributes to dog cancer via an excess of Omega 6 Fatty Acids.  This type of food fat is found in abundance in corn products, vegetable oil, lard and other meat products.   This fat excess is what stimulates cancer cell growth.    When you feed your dog wild salmon oil (Omega 3s), this decreases the harmful effects of Omega 6 fatty acids.  Obviously you can prevent by feeding your pets high quality protein instead of commercial dog food.
  2. Wild Salmon Oil helps treat Arthritis in dogs — If I had to recommend only one supplement for dogs, it would be Wild Salmon oil for all the benefits it has. One of this is its ability to prevent and decrease arthritis in dogs.  At least 20% of dogs are affected with arthritis. Wild Salmon oil’s Omega 3 Fatty acids helps reduce inflammation and there have been scientific studies that prove this. Please see sources below for more information.
  3. Wild Salmon oil supports Kidney disease — dry food or kibble is filled with preservatives, artificial colors and other synthetic additives — all of which needs to be excreted via the kidneys.  If you dog has kidney disease, one of the best things you can do is to get them off kibble (dry food) and onto raw/natural food.  Wild Salmon oil has been shown to slow the progression of kidney disease.
  4. Wild Salmon oil helps prevent Skin Allergies and helps makes coats shinier and healthy-looking — the first thing you will notice about our dogs are cats are that their coats are shiny.  Its easy to spot the healthy looking dogs/cats vs. the unhealthy ones that eat nothing but kibble. The shiny coats are just the bonus, under the coat is healthy skin free from allergies.
  5.  Wild Salmon oil helps improve brain development in young dogs and supports cognitive function in older dogs — Salmon oil is high in DHA and a study from the American Veterinary Medical Association showed the pets fed a diet high in DHA improved brain, memory, mental ability, immunity, and retinal functions in dogs.

There are so many more benefits of Wild Salmon Oil including…prevention of heart disease, promotes weight loss in overweight dogs and helps regulate the immune system in pets.   For more information check out additional sources below.  We hope this blog has helped you understand the many benefits of wild salmon oil for your pets!


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