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  • People food and dog food are all food

      Stopped by Giant in Ashburn, VA because they were having sale on chicken.  Ok, I  lie, I went in there to buy some “Skinny POP” but then saw that the chicken was on sale.  Two large broilers for less than $15!  What a steal. We have 3 dogs and we feed them raw but […]

  • Dog Food and Supplements for Liver Health

    When I agreed to foster a dog who was only 6 years old and was dying of liver disease, it was a hard to decision to make.  I had never fostered a dog that was dying and in my heart I knew it was going to be very hard to deal with emotionally because it […]

  • Best Veggies to feed your dogs

    Supplementing dog food with raw, fresh veggies / fruits is a great idea so that they become healthier. The minute food is cooked, it loses vital nutrients so dog food manufacturers have to add synthetic supplements to dog food to meet the AAFCO standard. (Association of American Feed Control Officials) Because these supplements are not organic, […]

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