Dog Food

What is the best food for dogs?

What is the best food for dogs?

There are a kazillion types of dog food in the marketplace and I know every pet parent wants to be able to give their pets the best food possible.  But how can you tell if dog food is good or bad for your pet?  You have to learn how to read labels!  In this section of Dogma we are going to read labels of different dog food bags and provide  conclusions based on their ingredients.

One piece of vital information in the dog food category is this:  Your dogs do not have the enzyme needed to breakdown and digest plants.  Most cheap commercial dog food are cheap because they use plant proteins to pass AAFCO’s standard requirement for proteins in dog food.  But it doesn’t do any good for your dog and may in fact be detrimental for them.  So even if commercial dog food has passed the AAFCO standards it doesn’t mean that its good for your dogs because commercial dog food are overtaxing our dogs bodies and does not provide the correct nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need to live a disease-free life.   Remember, dogs are a unique species in that they are able to take the nutritional abuse of not eating the right type of food.  But their bodies pay for that abuse by showing symptoms of chronic diseases that are well documented.  Here are just some of the diseases in dogs that are caused by commercial dog food:

  • Kidney disease — there is a correlation of kidney disease because dry food is very low in water, chronic dehydration leads to kidney disease. Kibble is also filled with preservatives and synthetic additives and all this contributes to the stress of the kidneys as its primary role is excreting toxins
  • Liver disease — dry food causes liver disease because dogs aren’t fed their species-appropriate diet and organ becomes overburdened
  • Urinary Tract disease  —  stones are caused by eating a predominantly dry dog food diet
  • Dental disease  — don’t believe anyone when they tell you that dry food is good for dog’s teeth because dental disease has an obvious direct correlation with dry food

Here are obvious symptoms that you can see as a pet owner when you feed your dogs dry food or commercial pet food

  • Chronic vomiting
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Obesity
  • Atopic dermatitis