Public Wall Functionality


We started with the most simple concept:  Board my dog and I will board your dog for free.  We took it a little further and included playdates and errands. We are now realizing that the easier the concept the harder it is to replicate, technology-wise.  There are so many nuances of the human language and of human real-time communication its almost impossible to create functionality that mimics it.  But we are trying… we are loving the challenge, nevertheless.


Screen shot of mobile site

One of the functions that we created is the ability to post on a public wall that is visible to all users in a given location.  I love this function best of all because it allows users who don’t previously know each other an open line of communication.  We just tested the mobile function today and although there was an irritating bug that we still need to resolve, it looked great otherwise.

I love that this project is coming into fruition right before our very eyes.  We are also learning to understand how users act and interact with each other and even more importantly, how we can use this application in our daily lives.  Stay tuned!

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