Strict Verification Process

Verification Page

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In keeping with the safety and trust of our members, we have just completed our verification process which includes a police clearance, house visits, veterinarian reference and 2 recommendation letters. Once a user has passed all requirements they will become a verified member of Dogma and will have the paw symbol on their profiles. Its a rigorous process as it involves getting a police clearance a few house visits from other members. All members will have the ability to get verified and its free with membership.

If you haven’t heard of Dogma yet, here is a brief summary:  Dogma is pay-it-forward pet sitting so instead of paying someone in cash, you are paying them in kind.  Its away of making the community you live in safer and stronger in ensuring the quality of pets lives.  The community support also helps in increasing the number of adoptions from shelters, which is one of our main goals.