Facebook Registration

Dogma now has Facebook Integration

Dogma now has Facebook Integration

We are super excited to announce that Users can now register through Facebook.   Our Facebook integration is seamless but you will still need to provide a username, email and your zip code for BETA testing purposes.

Why did we need to integrate with Facebook?  The main reason was convenient for Users: since Facebook has already verified emails, we can then skip that step.  It skips quite a few steps in the registration process all the while still keeping things secure for our members.  We look forward to seeing more members signing up using Facebook.

Whats the difference between signing up using our regular email Vs. Facebook?  When you use your regular email, you will need to verify it.  We do this by sending you an email and you have to click on the link we provided.  With Facebook you can skip that verification process as they have already done it for us.

Register using Facebook today!