On our Mission of Free Pet Sitting


Since we started free pet sitting,  its been such a whirlwind of activity.  Its has also been great getting to know other peoples pets.  I love how they each have such different personalities or should I say, dog-alities and cat-alities.

I’ve been at this now for a couple of months and I have to say that every time I go to someone’s house to pet sit for them, I feel such a bond with their pets.  I usually stay 30 mins when I’m not feeding and up to an hour when  I am feeding just to make sure they eat it all.  I am at my happiest when I am pet sitting.  I mean, who wouldn’t be happy when you are greeted with wags and licks and so much gratitude (after the initial barking).

Pet Sitting via Home Visits

When we started Dogma.me we had more services for members including: boarding, playdates and home-visits.  We figured those were the 3 services that our neighborhoods would need the most.  Since we are in BETA, I wanted to see how realistic it was to do this and for a few pet requests I went with other members to do boarding, playdates, etc.  One person that I met was not use to other dogs and that night her dog got into an altercation with the neighbors dog.   Please note that both dogs are fine and they did not bite each other.  It was a simple show of dominance but when someone does boarding and is not prepared for the different dogalities, we would be setting them up to fail.  We didn’t want to do that.  So for safety reasons both for members and pets we decided to provide the least possible way anyone could get hurt and that is in-home pet sitting via home visits.

It is also important to note that house visits are perfect for neighborhood community in so many ways…

  1. Payment is Kindness — I’ve been doing this for a few months now and I have to tell you that when I am in public and I bump into the folks who I have pet sat for, they smile and light up and try to give me things like eggs, dog food, dog chews, anything, even beer.  I accepted the beer! I feel so ingrained into my neighborhood and I feel so responsible for it.  Its amazing what kindness can do.
  2. Loving other pets — So I already have 4 dogs of my own and even if I want more, we personally don’t have the time to invest.  Pet sitting for other peoples pets give you that additional pet to love and you feel a bond with them.   I know that if any of the pets that I’ve pet sat for ever lost their home, I would be stepping up.  (knocking on wood that no one ever loses their homes!)
  3. Its not asking too much of you — pet sitting via home visits is not asking too much from you.  It will take probably 30 to 60 mins per visit, twice per day, including travel time.  So its not like you are giving up too much of your time.  You aren’t but in the hour or so you give up, you will gain something else back.  I personally can’t explain, I’m not as good with words but you will feel happier.
  4. Pets are less stressed in their home environments — Studies have shown that pets get stressed every time you change their routine.  They thrive on routine.  They know what time it is without having clocks!  When its time to eat, when it times to walk, time to sleep, etc.  So having someone come to your home when its feeding time is working with their biological requirement.  It helps pets when you leave them in a familiar environment vs. leaving them somewhere where everything is new — new sounds, new smells, it would stress them out if they are not use to it.

Professional Pet Sitting

I admire professional pet sitters.    I think its a noble calling.    If you are a professional pet sitter, please note that we need you to join our community! Dogma only does pet sitting via home visits and we need pet sitter who board, house-sit, etc.  Aside from pet sitting we also need groomers, trainers and pretty much anyone involved in the pet industry.  Dogma now has over 500 Registered users in the Metro DC area.  We provide competitive Ad rates at only $10 /month for a minimum of 12 months.  Super cheap and you are reaching your exact target market because all members have pets.  Also I would love to be a pet sitters, pet sitter.  I hope you give us a chance.  I have no doubt in my mind that joining a neighborhood of pet sitters will increase your client-base.

Onwards with our Mission of Free Pet Sitting

I use to be a web developer making a solid middle class income.  I loved my job.  But in my heart of hearts I know that being part of Dogma.me and creating this kind of community movement is my calling and purpose in life.  I have yet to make a single cent and have spent a considerable amount of money on it and yet I am happiest when I am pet sitting for my neighborhood.  We hope you join us in creating pet sitting communities across the US.