Free Pet Sitting for Residents of DC and NOVA

Fevi & Happy

Free Pet Sitting

My name is Fevi Yu and I am the Founder and Chief Pet Sitter of — a pay-it-forward pet sitting community. I will personally be pet sitting for Residents of DC and NOVA in the next coming months.

Founder Background

I currently have 4 dogs and 2 cats of my own. I also have a foster cat and my foster dog recently got adopted! My Mom can tell you that I have been bringing home homeless cats and stray dogs since I started going to school. When I started working, my entire paycheck would go to the care of pets that I adopted from shelters. My entire life has been about pet care. My professional background has always been about technology. In fact, I currently own a Web Development and Internet Marketing Company. Dogma is the marriage of my two life-passions, pets + tech.

Below is a recommendation from the awesome Organization, Paws for Seniors.

“We know Fevi in many ways, as an adopting parent, foster parent, and best friend. In each capacity her love and care for animals, and people, her years of experience taking care of dogs and cats allows her to go above and beyond. We recommend her as a pet sitter because she can be trusted to care for your pets at the highest standards.” — Brenda Scamordella, Co-Founder, Paws for Seniors

How to request for Free Pet Sitting

Simply register at, create your personal profile, create your pet profile and then post a request on the public wall. Here is a video showing how Dogma works. After posting, you simply wait until I accept your request.  If more than 24 hours has passed, please send me an email.  My email address is visible in the email you will receive after you sign up.   Please make sure you read the limitations below.

Pet Sitting for New Users

To celebrate the launch of, I am going to pet sit for the community. For Users who are not familiar with Dogma; it’s pay-it-forward pet care. Essentially, “I will pet sit for you if you pet sit for me.” You don’t have to pay me for pet sitting, you simply have to pay it forward. Please note that pet sitting is via house visits. The goal of Dogma is to enable the community around you to help and support your furry family so that you will consider adopting and fostering more pets from the shelters and finally ending the over 2.5 Million senseless deaths of adoptable pets yearly.

The only way the community can support you is through house visits as it is built around a busy, working lifestyle. A user is required to do house visits at least twice per day. Each visit requires the following: 1) Feed the pets 2) Fill up water bowls 3) Make sure the pets go potty! Here is a more comprehensive pet sitting guide.

Limitations of Free Pet Sitting

In as much as we wish we could do everything for your pets, and we will provide full service memberships in the near future, right now the only thing that community members can do is house visits for up to 5 days. We have limited the software to only request for pet sitting for this time frame and we will abide by these rules. Because we are a new business model, this is all we can accommodate at this time, but services will expand in the future. For now, if you need anymore than 5 days, we recommend that you hire a pet sitter for the remaining time frame. By using Dogma you will still be saving money by shaving off 5 days from the hired rates. If your dogs need additional walking, please hire a dog-walker. If your pets are taking medication, please hire a professional pet sitter.

Join our growing Pet Sitting Community

I created Dogma because I had issues finding pet care. I had interviewed 4 pet sitters and then when I was telling my neighbor my problem he offered to care for my pets and that was the birth of the Dogma idea. I figured, if I made a middle-class income and can barely afford pet care, how is everyone else doing it? And at that time I only had 1 dog and 1 cat! More importantly, it’s not only about the costs of pet care, but finding someone you trust with your loved ones. Dogma is for everyone who loves animals and want to give them more; a community that will love and care for them when you are out making a living. If that resonates with you, please join us. Let me paraphrase Best Friends Animal Society’s slogan here and say, “Together, we can help to save them all”.

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