Community Pet Sitting, Registration will be closed

happy's message to Dogma's members

Happy, the dog, has a message!

We are removing boarding and playdates as options on the services provided and strictly only providing pet sitting services called “House calls” — here are a few reasons why:

  1. We want to make sure our Members are certain in their ability to deliver pet care services.  So we want to see how well our Pet Guardian community does with pet sitting before we add on any other services.
  2. A house call service is convenient to everyone involved including the pets.  All it entails is a neighbor visiting your house when you are away on vacation or on an emergency and making sure your pets are fine and have adequate food and water supplies.  A house call is done twice a day unless otherwise requested.
  3. Pet sitting will save you a lot of money without the headaches of worrying about your pet since they are in their familiar environment.

Because of the changes about our website will have quite a few errors in the next couple of days!  Good thing we are in BETA. We are also not going to accept new registrations in the coming week (May 18 to 21) to ensure that we have done our QA (quality assurance).  Thank you for understanding!  We know you will love the simplicity of our Pet Sitting service when we launch at the end of the week!