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My partner and I created Dogma so that we didn’t have to feel like we had no choice, but to stay home every time there was an opportunity for a weekend getaway.  We love to travel but we were often faced with the dilemma of who to find to care for our furry children and how much to pay (or in the case of family, how much to beg) them. But with 3 dogs and a very bossy cat, our options are: 1) never to leave the house for more than 8 hours at a time or 2) come back to a big mess. We prefer the former. Nevermind long trips, as the pet care costs can quickly become a second house payment.

Happy, en route to our home when we adopted her
Happy, en route to our home when we adopted her

We don’t like to spend money when we are busy trying to save money for a rainy day and we are guessing we are not the only ones who would rather hold on to a few bucks.  Hence, Dogma was born. It’s great that other websites enable folks to make money, work from home and provide a service to animals, but what about folks who can’t afford to pay for daily dog boarding services? What about the single parent coming home from work exhausted and still having to take the dog for a walk? The kids love the dog, the dog needs a home, but she chews the house apart if she doesn’t get her exercise so how can we make it work? What about the animals that get left in their homes for more than 24 hours because their owners felt that they had no choice, but to leave them? Dogma is the solution. An online community that helps you connect with other members of your community who will board your dog if you board theirs, walk your dog if you can pick up their dog food, and visit the kitty if you feed their bird. Check out our website here:  Dogma Check out our Facebook page here: Aside from the financial savings of joining Dogma, don’t forget it’s also a great way to socialize your dog and/or cat, meet members of your community and make new friends.  We sincerely hope you  fall in love with our online community and stay awhile, after all, it’s the connections we make in life that carry us through.


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