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  • The True Adventures of a Free Pet Sitter

    We started Dogma, Free neighborhood pet sitting, because we realized we needed something just like it, yet the typical pet care market lacked such a service.  We make a middle class income and yet when it came to pet sitting and holidays, we always had issues finding a pet sitter and / or money to pay […]

  • 1000 Free Pet Sitting Requests for NoVA and DC

    The Co-Founder and Chief Pet Sitter of, Ms. Fevi Yu has accepted the challenge of Pet Sitting for FREE to anyone who needs a pet sitter in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC areas.  Ms. Yu has been a pet owner for over 15 years and she is an insured pet sitter with Pet Sitters […]

  • Join Dogma, Win an iFetch!

    We are loving this toy and are going to give one away to a lucky Member of Dogma.  It is great for pets that are left home alone as it gives them something to do.  In Dogma we strongly believe in ensuring that our pets are never bored and thats why we recommend this product. […]

  • Make Dogma part of your Community

    I’m not a particularly neighborly person. The idea of going around with baked goods and light-hearted chitchat always sounds appealing, but I just seem to expect everyone else to do it while I limit my extroversion to writing blogs about being anti-social. Nothing against my neighbors, in any of the places I’ve lived (well, most […]

  • Cat Vs. Dog People

    I think I’m a cat person. Without reading any studies or taking any Facebook quizzes I say this because I prefer a quiet atmosphere late in the evening and minimal social interaction. I also say this the same moment our cat Jack demands my attention by rubbing himself back and forth against my legs; when […]

  • Pet Sitting Rates Washington, D.C.

    Table 1 shows the cost of pet sitting one pet in Washington, D.C. for 2 days in mid-July, 2015. The same parameters were used in the search fields of each given website and the most affordable rates were chosen. Some individual pet sitting rates were as high as $99/day so for two days that would […]

  • Toys for dogs who are left home alone

    Now that Easter is almost here, I’m sure there are a lot of folks who are traveling out of town. Who is going to care for your pets? Are you taking them with you? Great! And if not, have you prepared your pets for your absence? We have 4 dogs and making sure that they […]

  • Pet-sitting Exchange!

    My partner and I created Dogma so that we didn’t have to feel like we had no choice, but to stay home every time there was an opportunity for a weekend getaway.  We love to travel but we were often faced with the dilemma of who to find to care for our furry children and […]

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