Welcome Georgie the Dog, I mean Cat!

New Cat in the House!

New Cat in the House!

We recently adopted a new dog, that is, I keep thinking he is a dog because he seems to have a thing for sniffing, following the dogs around, and sleeping with them, but he purrs and looks like a cat, so he must be a cat! Meet Georgie! He was in a foster home for 2 years. Two looong years. Can you imagine? He was overlooked by every single person looking for a new pet and all the better for us to be blessed with this little guy! Yet, it makes us wonder…if this amazing cat with this beautiful personality can be overlooked, how many other wonderful kitties out there are being passed over?  We know we can’t save them all, but with the community of Dogma, we intend to help as many as possible. Please adopt a pet today!

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