Probiotics for Optimum Health

Probiotics enhance your dogs health

Probiotics enhance your dogs health

Probiotics are supplements that people take to help boost their immune system.  Like people, dogs need help boosting their immune systems as well.  If you feed your dog dry food, its even more important to give them probiotics because dry food doesn’t provide the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your dogs need.

Reasons why your dogs need probiotics

  1. The gut is the largest immune organ in the body, probiotics help keep this immune organ healthy
  2. Probiotics helps remove toxins, enhance digestion and out-grow disease causing microorganisms
  3. Probiotics help with allergies
  4. Probiotics are your dogs best defense against disease
  5. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that ward off bad bacteria from overtaking their gastro-intestinal tracts
  6. Probiotics help with pet vitality
  7. After giving your dogs antibiotics, giving them probiotics will help heal the good bacteria that the antibiotics killed
  8. When you dog drinks water from dirty sources, probiotics help regulate the bad and good bacteria
  9. Anytime your dog is stressed ie. travel, change in routine, probiotics will help regulate the balance of good and bad bacteria in pets digestive system
  10. Probiotics help with chronic diarrhea
  11. Probiotics help recovery after surgery much faster
  12. Probiotics prevent leaky gut

…and many more reasons.

In the 3 years we have been giving our dogs probiotics, we have noticed that they don’t get sick, vomit or have diarrhea anymore.  Its pretty amazing.

Things to know when buying Probiotics

Give your dogs (and cats) daily probiotics and watch them bloom and become healthy day in and day out.  If you feed your dogs a healthy complete diet and use probiotics and Omega-3’s via wild Salmon oil then you are on the right track!