Dog Health

The Importance of Dog Health

The Importance of Dog Health

There are many contributing factors to dog health and the important ones include:

  • Dog Food
  • Anti-flea and anti-tick Medication
  • Vaccines
  • Spaying and Neutering
  • Supplements
  • Quality of life
  • Social Interactions

In this section of Dogma, we are going to talk about all these contributing factors to dog health.

Dog Food

Commercial food is so convenient — you can get it at the nearest supermarket and its so cheap too.   The problem with commercial dog food though is that its mostly made of corn and soy, two ingredients that your dogs cannot digest or process as they lack the enzymes.  Dogs who eat commercial dog food all their lives are in fact, starving in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Ever since the advent of commercial dog food, one out of every two dogs die of cancer.  Its not a coincidence.

Anti-Flea and Anti-Tick Medication

Just like every pet parent in the US, we gave our pets anti-flea and tick medication.  It was prescribed by our Vets so we didn’t know any better and we never questioned it.   Until one of our dogs started vomiting and more frequently and around the time of the month when we gave her the spot-on medication.  After much research, we finally realized what was happening and stopped the medication.  Thankfully, the side-effects were not fatal.  The monthly spot-on medication goes directly to their blood stream and thats what makes it fatal for fleas and ticks.  The side effects of this medication are serious enough for us to reconsider their use.  We have recently stopped all monthly flea and tick medications and now simply use natural products.  Read more information about natural flea and tick medication.


Vaccines are known to cause long-term allergies in pets.  As a foster home for many senior pets, we see a lot of pets with yeast infections in their ears, constant itching and scratching.  So really consider the vaccines you are going to inject your pets with and try to do your research beforehand.  We will also try to help you with the research by providing relevant information.

Aside from the above topics we will also include supplements, spaying and neutering quality of life and of course social interaction, all important aspects of dog health.