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  • All Natural Flea and Tick Repellant

    I use to be one of those super paranoid Pet Parents and I use to put the pharmaceutical anti-flea and tick medication like clockwork, every month on the dot.  I never missed a date.   We use to use  Nextguard and Sentinel and like a regular consumer, I never really thought about how it worked, I […]

  • Supplements for Senior Dogs

    As your dogs age, you will notice so many things change.   My dog Junior went from a happy go-lucky pup to an old scrooge within the the span of 12 months and he didn’t seem like the same dog.  He stopped wanting to go for long walks.  He stopped wanting to run up and […]

  • Probiotics for Optimum Health

    Probiotics are supplements that people take to help boost their immune system.  Like people, dogs need help boosting their immune systems as well.  If you feed your dog dry food, its even more important to give them probiotics because dry food doesn’t provide the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your dogs need. Reasons why your dogs […]

  • Dog Food and Supplements for Liver Health

    When I agreed to foster a dog who was only 6 years old and was dying of liver disease, it was a hard to decision to make.  I had never fostered a dog that was dying and in my heart I knew it was going to be very hard to deal with emotionally because it […]

  • Benefits of Wild Salmon Oil for Dogs

    We started using Wild Salmon Oil for ours dogs when one of them came back positive for cancer about 3 years ago.  He has had surgery since and aside from feeding him a more natural diet, we also supplement with Wild Salmon Oil.  His cancer hasn’t come back yet even though the vet had informed me […]

  • Digestive Enzymes for Optimum Dog Health

    If you have ever wondered what supplements your dog needs to live an optimized life here is one of them, Digestive Enzymes are so important because your pets cannot absorb the nutrients from the food they eat. There is a long list of benefits for giving your dogs digestive enzymes, here are the best reasons: […]

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