The best raw cat food my cats love

Darwin's Raw Cat Food
Darwin’s Raw Cat Food

We have been searching for raw food for our cats for about 2 years now.  We’ve tried so many other raw cat food but they never took to it, even when we starved them.  Cats are picky eaters and some of them are heavily addicted to commercial dry food.   As soon as I put a spoonful of raw cat food from Darwin’s Natural Pet Food, one of my cats tried it and kept eating.  I was pretty excited!  I also love that Darwin’s came with a free trial.  All you have to do it pay for shipping, only $14.95 for 10 lbs of raw goodness.

Why raw food for Cats?

There is a big difference when feeding dogs and feeding cats.  Cats like fresh food.  They do not have the capability to digest older food and then get rid of toxic by-products.  The food can be previously frozen and defrosted prior to giving to the cat.  Another important information to know is that cats cannot product taurine by themselves like dogs do, they get it through their food and raw meat, naturally, has taurine.  When you feed cats a raw diet you are giving them the best bioavailable from of taurine from its food.  Aside from taurine, here are the other benefits of feeding your cats raw:

  • Improved digestion — since cats are obligate carnivores, they can digest raw meat very quickly (12 hours) vs. plant-protein and carbohydrates which they have no capacity to breakdown
  •  Reduced smell and volume of cat stool — since you are feeding them their correct diet, their bodies are able to use up all that food and turn it into nutrients that the body needs to heal.  Thus the decreased volume of their stool.
  • Increased energy — as soon as we switch our cats from their canned food diet to raw, we saw the increase of their energy levels.

Disclaimer:  We do not get any kind of commission from Darwin’s Pet Food.

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