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Cat Litter is such an Important aspect of Cat Health
Cat Litter is such an Important aspect of Cat Health

Have you ever wondered what the best cat litter is?  I remember coming home with a kitten 10 years ago and rushing to the supermarket to buy cat litter and a cat litter box. I picked up the most expensive cat litter I could find but didn’t really know anything.  One of the things that I learnt since was the importance of cat litter for cat health.  Here is a list of why knowing which cat litter to use is so important:

  1. If you don’t choose the right litter, your cat may develop litter issues and start peeing everywhere else except the litter box, this will be an issue until they reach adulthood
  2. There are about 86 Million cats in the US.  Buying cat litter thats environment friendly will not only be good for your cat but good for the planet
  3. Clumping clay cat litter can have disastrous effects on your cat when swallowed, especially for kittens who have smaller intestines.  (Hint, don’t buy clay clumping cat litter for your kittens)
  4. Clay cat litters create dust and can cause severe respiratory issues for your cat, specially the sensitives one.  (Hint, don’t buy clay cat litter!  This type of cat litter is the cheapest and most abundant. But its really bad for your cats and the environment because it is strip mined and  made from sodium bentonite, which is carcinogenic and does not biodegrade in landfills)
  5. Cat will always have a preference for cat litter that smells good and doesn’t hurt their paws.

Cat Litter that we Recommend

Through the years of trial and error, we finally found a cat litter that we love and that our cats love as well.  Its called World’s Best Cat Litter.  We recommend it for the following reasons:

  1. Natural, flushable Cat Litter
    Natural, flushable Cat Litter

    Our cats love it and use it without accidents

  2. You can flush it down the toilet because its made of corn husks but only do this if you use city sewage that treats and filters water before returning it back to the oceans
  3. Its made of corn so its environmentally safe for you and your cats, no matter how much of that dust gets around your house, it wont cause cancer

Where to buy?

If you buy this 28 lbs Worlds Best Cat Litter in the nearest PetSmart, it costs $33 ++ but if you buy using Amazon and the link we provided, it only costs $23.99  — thats savings of $10  per bag.  We buy one 28 lb bag every 3 weeks for our 4 cats.  So if you only had 1 cat this bag would last much longer.

Make Cat Litter even better

Add Lavender essential oil to cat litter
Add Lavender essential oil to cat litter

Because this cat litter is all natural, it doesn’t mask the smell of cat feces as well as clay cat litter.  What we do instead is mix Lavender Essential Oil to Baking Soda.  We use around 5 drops for every 1 pound of baking soda, we allow it to absorb overnight in a closed container and then after 24 hours the baking soda smells like lavender.  Sprinkle it evenly on top of the cat litter.  It makes the smell so much better and because we use high-grade essential oil, it also calms the cat when they use the cat litter box.

Information:  We have not been paid by Worlds Best Cat Litter, Doterra Essential Oil and Arm and Hammer Baking soda to run this article.  These are the real products that we currently use after going through a whole plethora of products.  Dogma is about practical pet care and we will be sharing all our experiences of owning cats and dogs to better help you decide and know about alternatives.

Disclaimer:  The links on this page go to Amazon and we have signed up for their affiliate program.  When you purchase a product in Amazon through our link you don’t pay more for the product, you pay the same price with or without the affiliate link.  We receive a small commission from their affiliate program (less than $1) and it helps us continue our mission in providing free pet sitting and practical pet care solutions.


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