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Cat Health
Cat Health

We have 3 of our own and a foster cat. Our goal is always to keep them healthy via proper diets, the right amount of exercise and positive social interactions.  When our cats were younger, we would bring them to the vet for yearly checks and then give them Revolution anti-flea and anti-tick medications monthly, even when they were indoor cats only.  For some reason we got suckered into that, probably because we wanted the best pet care possible.  We didn’t know we were harming them whenever we gave them their monthly tick and flea medications.  I mean, it was prescribed by the Vets, I guess even they didn’t know it.

Some side-effects of anti-flea and anti-tick medication for Cats:

  1. Vomiting — stomach upsets, diarrhea and vomiting are the most common side-effects of flea medication.
  2. Rapid breathing and panting — a spot-on topical anti-flea medication goes straight into the bloodstream and affects their hearts directly
  3. Death — If your cats is panting excessively after putting them on anti-flea medication, take them to the vet immediately, because the spot-on treatment goes into their bloodstream this can cause hypertension, which can lead to a stroke or a heart attack.
  4. Muscle Tremors / Shaking uncontrollably — this is a potential side effect to spot on flea medication.

There are a lot more side effects and you can read more about that here:  Chemical pesticides as Spot-on Flea Medication 

So how can you safely and naturally protect your pet from fleas and ticks?  This is what we are going to do in this section of Dogma.  Aside from discuss natural flea and tick medication, we are also going to talk about vitamins and supplements that help increase your cats vitality way into their older years.  We hope you keep checking back for more information about your cats health.


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