Best Veggies to feed your dogs

Pumpkin helps in regular digestion, diarrhea and UTI

Pumpkin helps in regular digestion, diarrhea and UTI

Supplementing dog food with raw, fresh veggies / fruits is a great idea so that they become healthier. The minute food is cooked, it loses vital nutrients so dog food manufacturers have to add synthetic supplements to dog food to meet the AAFCO standard. (Association of American Feed Control Officials) Because these supplements are not organic, it gets processed via kidneys or liver. The constant processing of food and the addition of synthetic supplements is one of the reasons why a lot of dogs get kidney or liver diseases when they are older. If dogs were fed a natural and organic diet, their kidneys and livers would be less stressed.

Supplementing with raw, fresh, organic veggies will not stop your dog from getting liver or kidney disease because will need to stop feeding them processed dry dog food for that. But, feeding them with veggies will help get vital nutrients into their system, without stressing their organs further.

Here are the best, nutrient-packed, veggies to feed your dogs:

  1. Dandelion Leaves — rich in vitamin A, C, K, D and B complex as well as iron, manganese, phosphorus and other trace minerals. Easily absorbable and can be fed to dogs daily. Great supplement for digestive issues, arthritis, kidney stones, congestive heart failure, gallbladder disease and liver disease. Eating raw dandelion leaves daily will definitely help your pet become healthier.
  2. Blueberries — rich in Vitamin C, fiber, phytochemical and antioxidants that fight cancer and help repair molecular damage in cells.
  3. Carrots — low in calorie and high in fiber, vitamin A, beta carotene for eyesight. To properly absorb carrots, blending them is a good option but remember not to give too much as carrots are high on sugar content as well.
  4. Pumpkin — rich in soluble fiber, beta-arotene, electrolytes potassium. Great for treating diarrhea, UTI and helps in regular digestion. Best to buy canned and feed your dogs a tablespoon daily.
  5. Grass — (technically not a veggie but its something that dogs eat) rich in fiber, chlorophyll and antioxidants! Grass is good to balance the acidity of meat / fats and dogs intuitively understand this. Please make sure you don’t spray chemicals onto your grass otherwise it becomes poisonous.
  6. Kelp — rich in minerals and vitamin A, B, E, D and K. Has algin, which removes heavy metals from dogs system. Great for promoting thyroid function, hypothyroidism, balancing glandular functioning, keeps coats shiny and healthy. Also helps in dry skin conditions, allergies and hair loss.


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