Even before Dogma

Gordo the Gordo

Gordo the Gordo

Even before we started Dogma we were already practicing what it was in essence. Taking care of my in-laws’ cat. This chubby guy is called Gordo and he is from B’more!

Exchange of Services

When Gordo got sick a few months back, my mother and father-in-law could not take care of him because they were both working full time and were gone at least 12 hours in a day so we volunteered to care for him.  Since I work from home, it was easy enough to make sure he was eating and peeing accordingly.  After about a month he could go home as he seemed to be fine already.

Over the Christmas holidays, there was no one to take care of our pets and my in-laws graciously agreed to come once a week (all the way from Baltimore to Northern Virginia) to watch our furry babies.

We were practicing the concept of Dogma even before we created it and now that it is almost ready to launch, we are so very excited!

Essentially Dogma is like having an extended family available for you when you need them.  If used properly and without bad intentions, I strongly believe together we can make our lives and our pets lives a lot easier.