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Washington, DC

DC Pet Sitting

Dogma provides pet sitting in Washington, DC for free via crowdsourcing, pay-it-forward.  It works because there are members within Communities who are willing to pet sit for each other.  The majority of our members are from the district so its great to know that our nation’s capital is full of people who believe in paying-it-forward.  DC is also the closest major city from Northern VA so it was natural for us to pick it as one of our pilot cities.  In fact Dogma had its BETA period in DC and it proved a revelation as a lot of members provided suggestions on how to make it a better community.

How does FREE Pet Sitting Work?

Post your pet sitting request on the public wall and everyone within a 6 mile radius will be able to see it (essentially someone who lives in your neighborhood).  Meet up with the person before the schedule to make sure that you are both comfortable with each other. Do house visits, meet each others pets.  Basically, go over to your neighbors house and make friends.  The concept is very simple and it might be something you are already doing in your neighborhood, Dogma.me just adds to the experience digitally and allows your community to grow bigger.

Find Professional Pet Sitters in DC

Aside from free pet sitting, Dogma also has professional DC pet sitters and the great news is that service fees are only 5% compared to 15-20% of others. More money for the pet sitter, more savings for the pet owner.  For paid pet sitters, you can register here.

Interesting things about DC and Pets

  • You can walk your dogs off leash in the Congressional Cemetery.  Of course you have to get on a very long waiting list to be part of this program and there is a yearly membership fee but I’m sure it is worth it as the Cemetery is 35 acres of walking grounds for you and your dogs.
  • Almost all Presidents had pets except for one; James Polk
  • Dogs are the most popular pets for Presidential Pets, the most popular one is called Fala who was owned by FDR.  A secretary was hired just to attend to Fala’s fan mail.

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