Free Pet Sitting Locations

We currently have over 1500 Community Members who all believe in Free Pet Sitting in the DC Metro area including Virginia and Maryland. We also have members in New York and Colorado. You can join Dogma Free Pet Sitting anytime and if you actively invite your neighbors you can quickly create a community around you.

When we started Dogma, we only had one other active neighbor and now we have a total of about 9 homes in our Neighborhood that are participating. This means that anytime we need free pet sitting our chances of finding atleast one neighbor who is able to pet sit for us is extremely high. The more neighbors who join the higher your chances of increasing the number of pet sitters who are available.

Currently, because the service is new, we have divided the locations based on Counties.

Washington, DC Pet Sitting

Northern Virginia Pet Sitting

Counties include:

Maryland Pet Sitting

Counties include:

Colorado Pet Sitting

Counties include:

When a community of 5 or more Members are available in your location, we will add it on the map.


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