Dogma is a Startup based in Northern Va and it is a culmination of a lifelong desire to support the pet community around us.  Our goal is having a community that supports the pet owners in all  stages of pet life from the inside out.  We want to be able to provide practical solutions to pet ownership when it comes to pet care and pet health.

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  1. Even before Dogma – blog about how we have been practicing the concept of Dogma all our lives
  2. Pet Sitting Exchange – blog about the concept’s pet sitting exchange and why it makes sense

    And last, but most important…

  3. An Important Objective – our objective and why we pursued the creation of Dogma

Background and Community

It is important to note that the most vital aspect of creating this community is the quality of members, not the quantity. In as much as we would love for you to hurry up and become a member, the safety of Dogma community animals is always priority. To get in touch, please use our contact form.

The Founders of currently have 4 dogs and 2 cats and are active foster parents to cats and dogs from Paws for Seniors — A Northern Va Non-Profit Organization that prioritizes placement homes for older pets.

Our Team


Fevi is a 3rd-time Startup Founder and has successfully pivoted and exited a previous Startup. Dogma is a culmination of her two great loves, technology and pets.

Lead Developer

Martin and Fevi have worked together for over 6 years and have successfully exited a previous project. Martin is a Web Developer with a strong focus on PHP and Open Source tech.

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