Supplements for Senior Dogs

Supplements for Older Dogs

Supplements for Older Dogs

As your dogs age, you will notice so many things change.   My dog Junior went from a happy go-lucky pup to an old scrooge within the the span of 12 months and he didn’t seem like the same dog.  He stopped wanting to go for long walks.  He stopped wanting to run up and down the stairs.  Little did I know that all the dry dog food I was feeding him was causing his body chronic inflammation, yeast infections, chronic pain and last but not least, he had cancer.  I didn’t know it then and shrugged it off to him getting older.  Then finally I was worried enough to take him to the vet and discovered that my young 6-years-old pup had a luxating patella and cancer.  Talk about bad news.  This happened 4 years ago.  He is now free of both his luxating patella and cancer diagnosis and we did it all through changing his diet from dry food to raw food and adding supplements to his daily regimen.

Basic Supplements for senior dogs

Here is list of basic supplements that we provide for our senior dogs

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