Dogma updates User Interface

Updated User Interface for Dogma Members

Updated User Interface for Dogma Members

We have finally updated our User Interface and we are loving the way it gives more importance to the three things highlighted here:

  1. Point System – in the old interface, the points system was lost in all the text and it wasn’t given the attention that it deserved.  In Dogma, everything you do is tied to points that determine how you contribute to your pet sitting community.  With the new interface, as soon as the Member page starts loading you will automatically see the Member’s points. How many have they requested, how many have they given back and the total number.  We hope you love this point system interface as much as we do.
  2. Wall Clarity – we have evolved so much from when we started.  We initially had so many things you could request on the wall including boarding, playdates, etc.  Looking back, we tried to fulfill every service that the pet owner needed but didn’t have that focus for pet sitting.  Now we only do one thing: pet sitting.
  3. Helpful Ads – we want to support all the pet related businesses and are providing helpful ads at only $10 / month.  We know this will be a great place for people and products to meet and we hope that the nominal cost of our Ads will help small businesses build a solid audience.