Mobile site


We have been in the process of creating a mobile site and not a native app and we are very close to completing the mobile site.  We only have QA left to do!  We chose to create a mobile site instead of a native app because it just makes sense for us at this point, we don’t have a lot of users to merit a native app yet but when the time comes, I’m certain we will also go there.

Main landing page of Mobile site

Main landing page of Mobile site

Here is a screen shot of what our mobile site looks like.  It functions exactly like our website.  While testing it today, it made me realize how much more cohesive the mobile site is compared to the website.  The mobile site is more straight forward and I think easier to navigate than the website.  Or maybe its because I’m biased!

Anyway, this is just an update.  For folks who are on the go and need to crowdsource their pet needs, the mobile site of Dogma is a great alternative!